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Flowers to himself, yet if your child ended up kick, Lida Guan people can not afford to eat sin. However, in order to make you give up hope, so you eat some flesh wound up. Su Hang hear Lao Jiaohua insisted that no problem, although they are still skeptical. But my heart in the end is really a sigh of relief: “The elderly,Louis Vuitton Outlet, I want to see her.” That she naturally non Xue Ming condensate must go. Lao Jiaohua actually want to roll your eyes, this is no time, but also miss the ungrateful woman. Is really enough lovestruck. Well, more fool kinds of rich people ah! But resistance to the Soviet Air Lao Jiaohua pleading, he finally agreed to go for news. several days wandering around outside to find out the news and said:. ” I heard Lee started next month when we go to the temple to burn incense in the temple, look for a chance to meet with a grindstone” is actually almost secretly, when people say, you can let Su Hang see him. If not, is to have ten life, he would not do such a thing. Su Hang busy generous nod. to this day, the Soviet Union would also like to dress up one of the new aircraft. Lao Jiaohua moment laughed: “You are now a beggar dressed up or dressed what this kind..” Only let dirty Su Hang Ming Xue Ning lets look completely lost hope, revealing the true face of condensate Xue Ming, Su Hang can really regret it. It will change their mind. Su Hang looking clothes, ripped. The way how he dared to see Xue Ming condensate. But Lao Jiaohua not give him extra time, took him to the temple. all this is a good preplacement, Lao Jiaohua according to prearranged directly with the Soviet Air into one place. Xue Ming pour in there just to rest. Su Hang not walked, I heard around maid, said:. “. aunt, you have to be careful which a pregnant body, such as the master said you gave birth to your son will lift flat wives.” Xue Ming Ning then the United States, and then have the tools, Lida Guan also impossible for her divorce. The reason is simple, Lee lady’s maiden forces is not small, there’s a nephew or a seven product officer. Divorce for no reason,Louis Vuitton, Lee is not the Lida Guan people leaving death. Lida Guan people again like beauty, but also antiloyalty pressure. Lida Guan Xue Ming people again like condensate, just say so on the rest of her son, she was flat on the lift to his wife. Ming Xue Ning did not say anything. This level is simply the wife being the wife of her disdain. Now Xue Ming condensate, long regret. Su Hang regret was certainly not been involved with. If not, it will certainly not fall to such a point. There is no medicine to take only regret. Xue Ming was going to pour these things, suddenly heard a maid categorically drink: “What people actually went to our house peeping aunt come here ” Their aunt beauty does not know how many people heard the wind come see these days Such things do not happen to know how much. See these beautiful aunt covet her house, beat him to death. Xue Ming Su Ning looked a ragged sail, hesitated. Su Hang these months in the dilapidated temple room and board, not a human form long thin, and wearing a ragged clothes, a hair and body dirty, is a beggar. Xue Ming condensate impression among the Soviet Air has always been elegant dandy. Now such a beggar dress, really let her reaction, but what came. Su Hang, became a beggar. Dignified Xiangfu of Allegiance, the future heir, now it has become a beggar, as well as more than a sarcastic thing. Su Hang Ming Xue Ning looked journeying. Xue Ming condensate this is to pay his respects, so wearing very Eau. A crescentcolor Luoshan, prime shallow Pitt daisy embroidered skirt. Binbian wearing a jade chrysanthemum Yinzan, next insert a pair of beaded silver plum Zhu Hua. The old saying goes, to Qiao. A filial. This body in white, it is delicate and charming Chende Xue Ming condensate. cry because maidservants, ten steps away retainers got the news rushed over. Renowned Su Hang, we should do it. Xue Ming condensate indifferent attitude: “Well, is that the wrong way we go” Now that you’ve become a stranger, all the past should also set aside. Xue Ming Su Ning Hang renowned even pretend not to know themselves, can not help but murmured: “Ming condensate, condensate Ming ” Su Hang those retainers do not know. Just a little beggar cried renowned for his family aunt’s reputation, the moment was furious:. “Act recklessly stuff, give me death.” Lao Jiaohua busy cried mercy, even with their own flesh helped blocked. But Su Hang or was pushed to the ground to these Enu, heavy knock on the head stones. Knock out a big bag of pebbles, profuse flow of blood. Su Hang disregard forehead high blood coagulation against Xue Ming shouted. Xue Ming Su Ning looked back at the turn navigation, with eyes the color of disgust. Su Hang now, just the same as street beggars. this look, Su Hang anything to stimulate the call does not come out. Su Hang’s heart, from the back of the head to the soles of the feet with cool mind. Then, head stared at Xue Ming condensate left. Lao Jiaohua was secretly relieved. This is in line with the woman too. Do not know yet that before telling her. But this, this woman is really unkind. Nor is he choreographed not. Or, Nothing is more lethal situation. Lao Jiaohua heart long relief, beating he was finally able to complete the errand. Swivel head, just ready to persuade the Soviet Airlines, Air China and the Soviet fleet fainted. Su Hang this is really physically and mentally tired. this time, two people came out from the side of the drill. If Xue Ming condensate still here. The two men knew where to send Soviet aircraft that day to the people. Lao Jiaohua renowned for two people coming out, my heart was finally relieved. Finally completed his errand: “Two classic, promise me something ” tall people and said: “Do not worry, your son has come home safely go.!” Lao Jiaohua really a beggar,. and he said that the experience with the Soviet Air are also true. But this is what happened before. He was murdered the same day, almost ruined their lives, and finally reduced to beggars. But he did not dare to look for his wife and children. But his wife is a real wife and mother, knew that he had lost all. Reduced to a beggar, to convince the children readmitted him, so he will not destitute. accordance with gentle, this woman is a woman by the feudal education. Just recently got into a life of his son lawsuit, was put into a jail. Is no one to turn, encounter a man. That as long as he do one thing, you can safely protect his son. Lao Jiaohua naturally agreed. Son can protect peace, fire and water at the expense of the. Lao Jiaohua heard this, the surface does not have joy: “Thank you, master of.” finished, but also toward a coma Su Hang bow. Regardless, there is no Soviet aircraft, his son, it was not so soon resolved. Su Hang woke up again, has been the capital of the loop. Watching two familiar faces, Su Hang Zhang mouth. Although the beginning of a moment of joy, after all, for now Su Hang it, to see familiar people like a drowning man clutching at a straw. but this time the experience, let Su Hang a clear understanding of reality. Soon dim eyes of spirit and go: “Too grandfather said, not to let me go home.” Sue home, he can not go back. Soviet aircraft into a loss this time there among the world’s great, where is his shelter. tall minions are like a changed man looking at the Soviet Air, said: “the old man said, if you can carry with Xue Ming pour over the years, let you back home if the antiSoviet years, however, he brought you. go back. “In fact, the old man’s argument is that if two people can carry over three years, the couple let them return home in the south. If the two anti However, if the Soviet Air abandonment, the first selfimposed exile do not control him, but if it is Xue Ming Su Ning also with Air betrayed Jiangnan back home. But later changed. They had to take him back to the letter. could not help but think of Lao Jiaohua Hang Su said, the family is family, what time would not abandon their own children. Su Hang whispered said: “magistrate ” gentle stretch, get up in accordance with the old rules, went to the yard to play a set of punches, out of a sweat, went to rest for a bubble bath. Son followed her husband to come out with Zaoshan. breakfast, their respective activities. Gentle little bored up, even the first time ever to pick up a needle and thread. Pick up a spare. In the above strokes for a long time, very patiently embroidered up. Xia Xia Yao and speechless, looking a shadow. Obviously, her family master bored to tears, which in turn draw on. Long time no ventilation, and a busy pumping up. White World years into the room, saw the gentle embroidery is very patiently. In the world of white stared, thought he was wrong. Looked really waited a long time before deciding on the gentle embroidery. “This is what the embroidery, embroidered what seems peony. they seem to be the lotus” White World saw half years did not see what it is. “No, orchids. going to give you a coat embroidered, give two coats embroidered two children, are also considered to break a zero.” gentility is now thinking about the two children did not wear his clothes, think about this when her mother is not competent ah! White World was dumbfounding, so gentle embroidery, which is like let Guan Gong took a sword to kill a chicken, “the family is not never embroidered mother, looked at this hand deceives Do embroidered with this heart just fine. Did not that different from embroidery, they’ll think your mother hurt them. “Bai Shi looked at her hands in several holes, forcibly take away the embroidery. gentle hands down the needle “is also, I feel very muddled mind recently. do not know whether because of their age big.” gentle memories always feel now is not as good. White World was withdrawn from the arms of a beautiful album, “What is the relationship between the brain does not speak You see, this is what it but I asked the people, hard to Amoy return., there are one hundred and eight style tricks enough for us to use,. ” gentle widened his eyes looked beautiful album: “Go away a great day it is not afraid to do what his two sons came looking for her son jokes.” then the only husband and wife, gentle and wanted a child. Right now. Not at all anxious to have children at this a little while. So I did this interest. white matter in the world, hands and feet. gentle pushes him: “Do you think you are still in their twenties young man does not see himself how old, and, according to the mirror did not know that you know that the head of white hair there. How much “So adults, and also always thinking about these things, strong and did it! White World In no mood to see the gentle, very depressed: “wife, give me two fat baby born good” Bai Shi was really very gentle want to give him a pair, such as Ming Rui born with such a 瑾twins. Therefore, must strive to ah! Where work hard to son. gentle yet speak, Mingjin this nasty child has emerged. Gentle smiled. Mingjin basically had finished the work is over. White looked at the world in general Mingjin stooge, a headache. Gentle really, Which let kids play at every turn. But on another way to teach children, gentle sorted out day and night, he said. He neighborhoods to . Unfortunately, a few days rest Fong also said no prejudice. Mainly gentle and rest often said, a long time Fong found it another way really good. He arranged for schoolwork and no rest days and delay.瑾 after the break but learn better. White World was very frustrated. used the dinner that day, the world was a gentle man with white hands holding one, slowly walking in the garden. Two children in twitter follow them father said, and looked at the temperature ground. Think this day, really beautiful. “White World years how this day feels like a dream now. will not wake up, they were gone.” gentle squints, unconsciously out of the sound. White World was watching gentle in drowsy, could not help laughing tone, “Do not worry, we passed out of the road, thanks to the marriage of the emperor. than wild ways couples, do not worry about other people put us apart. not with dreamily. ” gentle listening to gently hammer the years about the world of white, sweetly said:. “not serious” came on the Hill,. there is no positive through. sun shines on the body too warm, gentle eyes trembled. White knew the world was the gentle love nest to sleep in the sun, and said softly: “! Sleep, I’m around it.” Wen Wanen a cry, one will even breathing sounded. World touched his wife in white smooth face, and my heart filled with inexplicable. His wife how more people hook up. Mingjin over, shouted “Dad ” White World was made a gag action, Mingjin immediately cover the mouth. They walked softly, watching his mother slept very peacefully. Are quietly sitting by. perhaps Xinyousuogan, or they just slept enough. Gentle opened his eyes and saw himself lying in the arms of her husband, two sons sitting on their side. Laughed off, from the body, the two sons in his arms. Gentility was very satisfied. She has been living that her husband wanted kids white picket fence, a man happy to live happily together. Now finally got it. A person happy, fortunate blessing together. In looking at the world white gentle arm around his son motionless on hold, the current face was black. Do not know how to think gentle son was nine years old. Where can they hold and hug. But he dare not gentle, gentle and just say that he choked. Ming Rui has now let himself forget the unhappy past those things. Fully integrated into the family, so for gentle intimacy. Did not burden. So every time he is now renowned for their brothers hug your mother, father goes black face, particularly want to laugh. Him the father, is really a superCu Tanzi. Two sons, vinegar is to eat nonstop. gentle’re reading, summer Yao came and gave it a gentle post, post is old Xiangye see her. Gentle care to know the Soviet Union in the Zhuangzi. Since the old Xiangye asked to see, it is sure to see. gentle or to go home Biejhuang Su Su old Xiangye up visit. Old Xiangye but Sanchaoyuanlao, must give this gentle face. Gentility then great care, did not dare to the front of the old Xiangye great care. Su Xiangye was escorted out of the old man. gentle also have not seen the old Soviet Union Xiangye, the old Soviet Union Xiangye see, there is a gentle feeling. She could feel it. Suold did not take long for the life of Xiangye. Because the old Soviet Union Xiangye whole person exudes a deep sense of dead air. old Xiangye ready to warm Wanhang Li. gentle shocked. Although she was regent princess before, but this is not at Chodo. Old Xiangye is his Jiugong, where she dared by old Xiangye gift too! Su gentle old Xiangye see, he is also relieved. Clear himself of his own body, but how long he suffered. Can sustain up to now because of the Soviet Air or something. But he feels more and more clearly than he probably stays Su Hang back. Su Hang, after tempering is Su Su Hang future home. But if nobody Su Hang proper guidance. Even honed, it is difficult to get out of the shadow. If Su Hang get out of the shadows, it is tantamount to a basket case. He spent so much trouble energy, did not want to give up halfway. gentle guess the old Soviet Union Xiangye entrusted to find her something, but do not know even the Soviet Air entrusted to her. Some embarrassing moment: “Jiu Gong, not my tough talk, Su Hang him ” Su Hang gentle rethink the year is the child Mind, mental immaturity. Do not want to sweep such a hassle. old Soviet Union is aware of gentle temper Xiangye:. “gentle Jiugong just want to come back when the Soviet aircraft, can you enlighten him to let him open Xue Ming condensate treachery, abandoned his thing gentle, uncle. Only the public can ask the person you hope you helped him get rid of this knot. “Other people did not have this ability. Be possible to remove only gentle

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Their ass directly at them, so little fat face black line, or they did not think so “how baby and babe do not know uncle” little fat low to preach,Louis Vuitton,. but two babies still unmoved, but Alice was more high ass up. bunny looked a little awkward little fat, so the sermon, “Excuse me, two of them with little Alice ass when you think of overweight children has been the one to welcome them to this.” In fact, he also wanted to laugh, but see little fat that slightly narrowed eyes, or not good. “Xiaoyu, how you do not cut glasses” feel a little uncomfortable, or cut the blackrimmed glasses, a little more fun silly bunny children, this looks too charmed. small rabbit touch his face, “no one, but at home,Louis Vuitton Outlet, do not need this.” sermon before timidly, “I’m sorry.” He knows not angry little fat is not just the joy of reunion dilute the original anger. “Well, I’m not angry.” spoiled little fat to touch the bunny’s head, and then the vision to see a figure out of a blind eye, “Who is he” gentle tone, but full of hostile. “Who are you” Bai Shuangshoubaoxiong, a pair of lazy look, while the eye is greeted with a fox men look Chapter079 give me a chance incited two babies, and feel a different atmosphere in the air, and immediately put the little ass close up, and even turned around and looked at the sky watching the crackling Mars. “Yiyi Yiyi Ya Ya Ya Ya ” ” yeah yeah yeah yeah ” Two babies are patting their own hands, as if to cheer wildly, so that would have been a little tense atmosphere, instant it was destroyed. “little fat, came to speak it.” bunny funny looking two mischievous ghosts, “the two of you to come in on their own hands, and I went to the advanced chubby hands.” deliberate move at their own pace, Sure looking at the two babies immediately climbed around Li Mingyu, the two little hands, are clinging to their dad’s feet. Yan Yu Ling looked at their actions, and then look at a small rabbit can not move even move, “and nephrite, they like to stick to you more than ever.” or even the kind of hands and feet. “Of course, my son, my stick, do not stick to you” bunny hand bored someone dumped a supercilious, and then squatted in front of the baby and babe sermon, “You two, dad only one hand , how to hold you ah And you are so heavy, ah, dad can not afford to be quick hug you. “one pair of phoenix eye, delicate and charming child, looking at his hands. baby daddy did not understand the meaning and the babe, but look at daddy like that, two babies are invariably open up their own trousers daddy, daddy’s little hands want to touch the face, but since the hand is not long enough, but it does not stop now together. “If you know the baby and not even a year old babe They have not to, then I would think a small rabbit and two adults in the communication.” little fat man muttered. “agree.” JADE is also in line to preach such a situation, he has discovered a long time, there are things that every bunny hands busy at the moment when the baby and babe two particularly wellbehaved child, even time to address the physical needs, but will be reluctant to inform them babble. Yan Yu Ling looked at this man, almondlike eyes, handsome face, and that short hair, more desirable is the only white skin a little, so he immediately put a fat brush impression from rival go, “Hello, I’m Yan Yu Ling, is filming here, do not know if this is ” Despite being an idiot in front of white jade rabbit speak, but his eyes did not leave too and babies still in play . “I’m white, is now the steward, the future will have to upgrade it.” Baiyu bad sermon, this megalomaniac, did not put himself in the eye, in the hands of this day, he would make a good entertain about a winner. fox men’s eyes immediately heap of goodnatured smile, but his tone was a bit teeth, “Yes, we have the opportunity to upgrade, the exhibitions.” special emphasis on upgrading the word, everyone knew that belly Ming nodded. bunny looking at the two of them in the sight of the intersection of the air, and two babies eager eyes, “What are you doing Did you used to know” Otherwise, why would so good feelings like hands ! “do not know,” “devil, and he knew.” They invariably sermon, while Leng Heng, and jade is preaching, “I’m going to cook, Xiaoyu you bring babies into it fast.” Originally informs bunny, think of this man actually came so fast, Roy doing them in the end ! this time Roy made a yawn, do not hit the morning last night playing cards, there is no reason slept, then preach against other people, “What news to tell me, I went to catch up on sleep.” while his hands , says one shocking arrival date, just five words, crooked little spotted six words a. “come,. baby food ” Li Mingyu porridge into the baby’s mouth, which is a few bars of several bar eating, and Babe is “babble babble ” crying nonstop, small rabbit immediately turned around, “good babe.” Hey babe also a latter immediately grin Hey dad was drinking himself to his food. chubby hands and watch them interact with children between the hands, the thought of the mind, though, is the adoption of the child hands, but they kind of dependence for small rabbit, but even they really loved ones are not so right. “They have always been like this it” Overweight see two naughty little devil, even when there is such a wellbehaved, it is a bit suspect that their eyes are not hallucinating. Baiyu directly rolled his eyes, “They will not like you fox male polite, in fact, two of them for their dad, I do not know how polite it.” thought I was some time ago two nasty baby prank, he The heart is very uneven Ya. He does not understand that his approach is very correct, but he is still an adult, how they might be afraid of the baby prank, but the fact is that two little devils are music is not he even thought he was funny play with them. little fat sympathetic pat on the small white shoulder, “is you’ve worked hard, come after me.” naked eyes flashed, it seems that these two little demons do not like this fragile man. “Humph! fox men, what makes you qualified to say this word do not know the baby and babe, see someone is exposed directly to the two little ass for you to see.” Baiyu think of two babies how to choose them hate who would like to tilt the ass at them. hear someone sarcastic know, fox male look of anger, but then laughed, “better than a little vain only” little vain, it is really a mouse! Baiyu whole face flushed, “you say again, I can not let you out of the sound” This man, dare to make fun of himself, he must let him try his revenge. “how not a voice” fox men immediately grabbed a small white hand, Coushang former inquired. Baiyu immediately ignorant, how this man’s breath spray into his face, “Go away!” one pushed him, did not think a fox male mice actually only have so much effort, and sometimes it was accidentally He pushed to the ground, but also let the baby bunny and two invariably looked at them. bunny face looked puzzled both of them, which is how the “little vain, how do you why the whole face is so red” It was some fight and tomato, super red, ah, Fox M is Shuangshoubaoxiong coldly looking bird mice, mouth slightly cocked, an evil smile. Originally thought it was a dangerous man, but did not think that there is a cabbage, simply does not deserve attention. looked ghastly white jade fox male, breathe deeply breath, “Xiaoyu, I’m fine, continue to eat it.” But he was holding the chopsticks, has been Kacha soon, completely scrapped. He even gives jade playing, this hatred, he will slowly get back to the fox’s men. little white bunny see nothing strange face after, you continue to feed two children for dinner, while the baby and babe circle round and round eyes look a little fox uncle, and looked at the small Bai Shushu, do not know what to think . a meal in babies Yiyi babblings in the end, but to help the baby bunny in a nap, finally have some leisure time and little fat talk. “little fat, so you have been waiting for, really sorry.” bunny on the side of the sofa and sat down, did not think the little fat so quickly and their own encounter, he is not ready to be judged ready . Yan Yu Ling does not mind sermon, “No, did not think the two of them have grown so big.” if not this time chance, perhaps never see their own little rabbit, imagine that he would come so remote place, and Barry Benson Yi are they not here. Although I do not know who is the jade, but only stewards of it, so the fox male and nothing to worry about. “Yes, ah, because babies sake, so live each day very happy.” Li Mingyu’s eyes, full of laughter, did not think the two are the child’s own flesh and blood. little fat in the small rabbit saw after a while, before Youde inquired, “little dumb, you remember when to say it” Oh, I do not know now not too late, he has been regarded and overbearing men broke up, he now has not come over it. bunny State agents looked on warily little fat man, “you say is what a thing” Wife, where he now gave his wives ah, God, he will not do. little fat man smiling, looking at a small rabbit, he found a small rabbit problem, not that he is not smart, that directly overlook the small rabbit like they do not like the question, “can you give me a chance to love you” heart thump thump beating, he used another way of expression. bunny looked embarrassed little fat man, “gave my love a baby who can not give you.” looked pitiful little fat, overweight children even had to think of his love, but his love are for babies,. and how it could give little fat. little fat forehead veins emerge, did not think of himself once again to be a small rabbit misunderstood his meaning, is it so difficult to understand his words ! “I want to be your lover ” direct and clear, and this time he certainly got it. “little fat ” Little Bunny sighed, his wife is two babies, “I love the baby and babe, they are my all, you know” pause for a moment before continuing sermon, “As promised to give your wife, and other babies grow up before you.” little fat eyes flashed a fan sense, “that what you get when overbearing man is” Could it be that they have always misunderstood the meaning of the rabbit, so just like “He was my former wife, how is it” how suddenly brought overbearing male, overweight children do not know what is what ! little fat shocked, “you say overbearing man your wife” Now he finally came to understand the feelings bunny hand is to separate all of these, are they not love and love that only the wife of the points. bunny nodded, “was my former wife ” do not understand how men would be so excited fox Chapter080 only brother little fat did not expect, in the minds of a small rabbit, my wife is the first one, so to say, he has handed off the man “and nephrite, you should remember that still owe me a wife, right” “ah, but I also said, to wait for bigger babies, I can give you wives.” fat little rabbit did not think small memory is so good, just have to love yourself, and now you want to own Wife, really “But at present there is a readymade.” Yan Yu Ling thought the wording, do not be scared little rabbit, or ran how to do. little rabbit looked vaguely him, “you say is ready ” vision secretly aim down the stairs small in vain, do not want a small overweight in vain to give him a wife ! But the little vain not his real butler ah little fat hastily nodded, “ah, do you have any difficulty” Duo Duo see his sparkling look, Yan Yu Ling there is a restlessness upwelling. “Xiaoyu, the baby woke up, you go take care of them, let me talk to him.” Baiyu smiled Li Mingyu sermon, which was grateful little white rescue, do not know how, he just is a very do not like the face of a small fat man, and he always felt a little overbearing male atmosphere similar to that would make him feel sorry overbearing male. Yan Yu Tian Ling did not stop and go back, just tilted his legs looked white, “in the end you want to say” Is the power of love to pursue their own are not ! little fat white jade did not care attitude, “I do not care who you are, no matter what is your purpose, but you should not hurt Xiaoyu.” This man just breath too dangerous, and was thus appear that he Baiyu duties is to protect the little master Yan Yu Ling coldly laugh, “how I hurt him I have always liked him, but was preempted your master, but I am not God to be thin, I finally met the little rabbit.” Now He can determine, in front of this man, Barry is definitely Miao Yi sent, or how to prepare yourself to be so. “just talking about it like it then you talk about, if you liked him from childhood then why after so long to find Li Mingyu, you do not say, because finding it” he Baiyu What people thought he was so good fool. Yan Yu Ling silent a moment, because he knew it was an excuse, but he was not willing, why they want the guardian of the people, he was immediately snatched up “It takes Xiaoyu make a decision, and you do not stop me. ” “Then you do not make excuses all day with the child to make Xiaoyu irritability.” Baiyu holding a cup of tea to drink up, “you know, Xiaoyu is very good, too little vein, he has been when you were my brother, I hope you do not hurt this pure heart. “says himself that have been finished, I hope little fat can actually understand what they want. Yan Yu Ling did not speak, “I do, I know how to handle.” coldly sermon, and then went out, but the rest of jade thoughtfully, do not know what they thought. “Yiyi Yiyi Ya Ya Ya Ya ” The baby is mischievous ghosts themselves to sleep, they fiddle with his brother would not let him sleep, babe to harass his hand and hurried to shoot it, and then turn a body, immediately sleep soundly it. Li Mingyu one came in, I saw the other side of the baby crawl, you want to continue to harass babe, when he saw his dad, I immediately obediently stretched out his hands, “you can not do ah corpuscles about it! “Although this is said, but his eyes flashed, but spoiled the mood. “Yiyi Yiyi Ya Ya Ya Ya ” The baby opened his arms, blooming big smile to his dad, a small rabbit scooped the baby from the crib, and then hold in his arms on the go a. baby daddy contentedly rubbing himself in the chest, look at a still sleeping sleep babe, just a baby’s eyes, flashed a happy smile, small hands clutching dad’s clothes. sun is very bright, little fat man standing alone outside the house, looking at the green grass,. I do not know what they thought, “little fat, how do you” familiar

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Smile gave 怡 great ease, in surprised eyes, Liu Jingyi suddenly looked up, a bitter bite in the mouth on lips. “ah!” Jianghuai Ren has not had time to be surprised, they feel that their mouths have been a sweet snake tightly blocked, this snake is also some initial dryness, but will soon be given some experienced Jianghuai Ren completely driven up, become smart, and colorful. Meanwhile, two restless little hands are Jianghuai Ren’s personal life casually touched up. “I love you!” Liu Jingyi release the mouth, directed at Jianghuai Ren smile, warm emotions with more bite again on the Jianghuai Ren lips. “love me!” themselves in all spring, is described as a Spring Night is too short, a storm early Begonia,Louis Vuitton, one armored cavalry flowers, a petite, a particularly ferocious only be described as quite divine. long time, things completed, rest for a moment, the two talents breath, Jianghuai Ren rolled over, gently stroking 怡 soft, warm channel: “! Sorry, just hurt you.” “bad guys, got cheaper still cold!” Jianghuai Ren chuckled, knowing that Liu Jingyi is shy, so do not say anything, just gently massage the arms of my sister’s body, gradually, Liu Jingyi’s face became red drops of blood to gently emit a trace of light sing. Jianghuai Ren Hey smile, knowing that my sister has feelings move, then turned and launched again, and soon, it sounded a little bedroom Yangti rode the waves of sound again. When the morning sun when sown at two naked men and women who, Liu Jingyi gently opened his eyes, looked around at the sleeping man seems, his face full of happiness. sounded some drama plot, Liu Jingyi’s face flashed a playful, stretched out a finger of a small circle painted on chest. Liu Jingyi a wake, Jianghuai Ren fact it woke up. “Stop it!” Liu Jingyi blushed, an open Jianghuai Ren’s hand, and said angrily. “Hey, last night who is so fierce, how now become so pure it!” Jianghuai Ren opened,Louis Vuitton Outlet, hey strange smiles. “You are not the bad guys!” Liu Jingyi stare fiercely Jianghuai Ren, but the expression in Jianghuai Ren’s eyes are more flirtatious. “Hey, man is not bad,. women do not love, I am a bad person, the world’s biggest villains.” Jianghuai Ren Louguo Liu Jingyi. “Stop it, the pain!” Liu Jingyi Baileyiyan Jianghuai Ren, ginger pushed again. “Okay!” Jianghuai Ren helpless sigh. “hey!” Liu Jingyi pushed Jianghuai Ren. “Why” Jianghuai Ren drooping eye, strange looking Liu Jingyi. “I ask you something” Liu Jingyi become somewhat flushed face. “What happened” Jianghuai Ren strange smile, said: “But if you want me to answer, then you must first kiss me!” “! what ah” Liu Jingyi brutally fist hit who angrily: “! love to answer did not answer, but if you do not say, I do not guarantee tomorrow to let you sleep on the sofa.” “so ah! that you ask it!” weigh in my heart a bit of shortterm and longterm income, and slept and slept on the couch in the body have any good cons, finally succumbed to Liu MM said. “Our last night, so many times, it will not get pregnant ah!” Liu Jingyi face serious look at Jianghuai Ren, but then a finish, Liu MM’s face had flushed one, and it gets this close to the skin have become Jianghuai Ren red one, while watching the Jianghuai Ren thirsty, just rushed to a hundred times a hundred times ah! “Pregnant” Jianghuai Ren Dengyuan sister finally show what the heads finally react sister just asked, suddenly stunned. ☆, spring is coming “No!” silent for a long time, Jianghuai Ren was quietly gave a positive response, which is certainly not Jianghuai Ren medicine regressed, but Liu Jingyi this issue is too sturdy, there are a few things over after a woman would ask such a has the connotation of the problem. “so ah!” Liu Jingyi nodded toward Jianghuai Ren who by the by, the girl let Jianghuai Ren some unique soft distracted. “Rest assured, really do not.” Jianghuai Ren Liu Jingyi tapped on the shoulder and smiled. “ah.” Liu Jingyi whisper. “really do not have to worry about, say, if she really was pregnant, we went to pick a big deal for a marriage license, then children chant, you can not look down on me, I can not just medicine, or a gynecologist.” Jianghuai Ren see Liu Jingyi muffled, still could not tease Road. “gynecologist” This time it really was Jianghuai Ren Liu Jingyi provoked interest. “Do not believe that a few days ago I helped a woman abortion out leadership Doukua me badly!” Jianghuai Ren’s face, not without pride, a few years did not do something, do it again actually is so handy, does not want to boast that he is a genius doctors will not work. “Really” Liu Jingyi look of astonishment aroused more bones desire of man, and thus, one day something happened inside and outside the operating room will be exaggeration to say it. have to say, Jianghuai Ren was very talented to speak, at least not to him the day hospital, or you can go to put a street stall to make a living doing something storyteller, not dry Liu Jingyi MM hear the odd shiny eyes, as crazy as drunk, looking to Jianghuai Ren vision that is quite ginger quite make sense of accomplishment. “Miss Ye Mei who pity! that forest secretary really bad!” Finally, Liu Jingyi nodded, made a final conclusion. “Do not worry about them as long as I know your husband is very capable on it, so you feel at ease now!” Jianghuai Ren the beauty tightly in his arms, said: “This kind of thing your husband a child I was very good at of. ” “who have children with you, ah, bad!” 怡 white one, suddenly let Jianghuai Ren hearts of a swing, a stand, it will be Liu MM pressure in the bed, it is necessary to do great things in the world of human relations. “Knock it off, my body always feel strange!” will Jianghuai Ren Liu Jingyi a hard push to the side, frowning head said. “how the physically uncomfortable” Jianghuai Ren suddenly surprised, then remember Liu Jingyi body strangely, their combat effectiveness, but he is most clearly, though not how to use the basic arsenal, but at the Liu Jingyi coming through clouds and rain say, or combat full value. “ah, I think after what woke him become more, I feel strange.” said Liu Jingyi, even becomes red, the entire upper body is nestled in among a Hongxia, see appetizing, but I know when something’s not a row now, and if Americans did not, and it is really a oneshot deal. ginger after all, not an ordinary person, he soon meditation mind a hundred times the Diamond Sutra, and read a thousand times clear mantra, the people become a jerk, trance, fugue day, the little finger of golden moments from among Liu Jingyi among injection pulse. Cotai fast passing a piece of the region have to check the abnormal Liu MM in the body, especially the last time I saw several places that gray airflow is focus, but has a nil,. and finally, golden line to the boundary of a rather spacious, Jianghuai Ren know there is pubic region. “What is it” Jianghuai Ren mouth fell open, watching the floating of dozens of golden light, and then looked at myself, suddenly find that it is the force of his body Faerie overflow. “how will come here And how is this going” first know that something is actually done after these other things will be left behind in the MM body, can not help much surprised, at this time , Jianghuai Ren look hesitated, suddenly found that the floating of dozens of golden light suddenly restless, fluttering from their side passing, something seems to be discovered, anxious to rush past. “This is what they do” Jianghuai Ren looked confused, but did not slow stature, consciousness continues to stay on the golden light, with great force behind it swept out. “ah!” When you see a sight, the Jianghuai Ren gasp, in his eyes, clearly there is a faint gray air, this is the wire that day in 怡 abnormalities found in the body, every place that appears in the gray air, Liu Jingyi body The spirit will always be inexplicable disappearance of the gas part. And now, in the face of , which has a hint of gray rather bad air, dozens of golden thread is wound up, the gray air that wire tightly wrapped, finally, I saw that the gray air was golden thread throughout the wound only hint of a small wire, and then suddenly break through the golden surrounded by falling into emptiness, disappear. “What do you mean” Jianghuai Ren grew up in his mouth, the people are stunned. “Hey, how do you what is the problem” Liu Jingyi energetically shook Jianghuai Ren’s arm, said some concern, though not a doctor, do not know how it is, but it seems that the family has been warned before the hit medical cents, definitely not broken virginity, and now the situation is let 怡 some small fear, it is a blessing arrived, they would lose the fear. “Nothing.” Jianghuai Ren Liu Jingyi sense out of the meridians, gently ask the ask Liu Jingyi hair, the Liu Jingyi tightly in his arms. “is not my sicker it!” is such a get Jianghuai Ren, Liu Jingyi more afraid, but such a long time to come, Liu Jingyi had become not fear and escape, but seriously looking at Jianghuai Ren. “not.” Jianghuai Ren shook his head, his eyes flashed joy, said: “I just discovered your condition seems to have a good grasp, something is curb your body extra something!” ” really” Liu Jingyi excitement in the face of bitter bite, then frowned and said: “But what is more out of my body” Then, under eyes look strange, 怡 start to get flushed face, red, bright red, looks obsequiousness full. “! you this bad,” Liu Jingyi fiercely flew under the body, said: “! If you lie to me, I am not put your drain is not available.” “Hey, who drained who do not know” Jianghuai Ren doing all heard, knew, their spring is coming! ☆, leaves treat MM 怡 and not lingering long, because she did not come home one night, eventually causing the anxious family, early in the morning, they received more than a dozen missed calls. Although the Department by personnel, but under wonderful medicine, in addition to onethird looks beautiful, whether it is walking or sitting and lying are not a shred of exceptions, looks like normal. Jianghuai Ren Liu Jingyi limping seems quite want to go back, but a distressed their women to suffer, and secondly also strongly urged Liu Jingyi, she did not want to let the family know their own thing. district has been the 怡 to the door, but also lingering ten minutes in the car, this Yishanbuzheng 怡 MM put off home. and Jianghuai Ren then drove the car to the clinic to break away, according to the books of the message, a woman in the clinic, such as Jianghuai Ren has been a long time. returned to the clinic, such as when looking at a brand new clinic, Jianghuai Ren own puppet was quite satisfactory, a night time not only had smashed smashes clinic restitution, it is a new decoration, visible Huge The sign in this neighborhood is still very valuable piece. “Dr. Jiang.” came into the clinic, a beautiful young charming woman would meet up face although some concerns, but they can not cover up that pretty face of woman. “Lulu sister, so early can I do” Jianghuai Ren looked at the oncoming woman laughed, yes, has been waiting in the clinic where the woman is the chief men of the Red Mei sister Lulu, which is the last consultation Jianghuai Ren diagnosed when they were pregnant woman. But for some reason, Jianghuai Ren conceal this matter, but when she wrote back a few miscarriage prescription. “ah” Lulu nodded his head, looked behind , and whispered: “I recently always seems to know what I think the prosister thing.” ! “ah” Jianghuai Ren surprised and said: “No,. I’m a very tightlipped.” “I know it is not ginger doctor said, the doctor Jiang’s character is definitely worthy of belief, I came want to get rid of Dr. Jiang little things.” Lulu look some pleading said. “What happened talk.” Jianghuai Ren walked into the house, pull off a bench, please Lulu sit down, and then himself sitting opposite, laughing. “is that, not tomorrow, but also consultation it, I would like to ask Dr. Jiang gave me a diagnosis of, say, my body is not very good recently, need to rest, so I can leave and Mei sister, so many years of sensibilities I believe Mei sister will not stop me. “Lulu’s eyes almost pleading. “ah, can be, but do you think this is the case, you will be able to solve the problem” Jianghuai Ren nodded, then frowned. “Then how can I do My child has been a few months, although I have now basically do not pick up, but the presence of the yard if I do that, I’m afraid the fetus is not good.” Lulu wrinkle brow, I can see that she is very concerned about this child. “That way, if you are willing to listen, I can give you a little suggestion.” Jianghuai Ren thought, decided to give the poor girl a help, after all men are created equal, children are innocent, Jianghuai Ren do not want to see an unborn child died at Lulu’s belly so. “Dr. Xie Xiejiang, I am willing to listen, I do not know what way” Lulu looking for a happy, look eagerly asked. “ah, is that you let me give you a sick although you can, but not for a long time, I heard that you have specified field house, allowing guests to pay big bucks to go out at one time you pack a few months time, after all Some guests might go out to do business, there will be some of this need, I think you can not think of some way from the top, “Jianghuai Ren smiled, pointing to Lulu’s stomach and said:.” you can make your stomach where the child’s father came forward directly to you out, this is in line with the rules, I think wherever he goes will not stop you respect. ” “ah, ah, but ” Lulu nodded his head, frowned, what seems to feel uncomfortable, but hesitantly. “If there is any question of money on, you can come to me, but a fight IOU’s, after all, you know I was not very comfortable.” Jianghuai Ren smiled, behind that sentence is simply to ease each other’s wariness, After all, he was a passer so well for others for no reason, people believe you strange. “not money, Dr. Xie Xiejiang, your suggestions, I will consider.” Lulu bow hesitated for a moment, smiled said:. “No matter how things are, I would like to thank Dr. Jiang’s help.” “Nothing, I’m just out of a doctor’s ethics, does not want to see an unborn child so it disappears.” Jianghuai Ren smiled. “ah, I will not bother Dr. Jiang, goodbye, Dr. Jiang!” Lulu get up, directed Jianghuai Ren smiled, then left the Jianghuai Ren clinic. “Boss, this girl can really spared it” Ah Shan jumped from pocket and looked at Lulu leave the back, draw a sad face on the screen. ” knows” Jianghuai Ren shrugged and said:. “field house is not a miss and, after all, is a violation of professional ethics Lulu and the first contract, in this regard, I can not help her.” Then, Jianghuai Ren entire clinic will soon be checked again, something that is missing, actually more than a lot of things, but did not get to see stuff all things, there are some genuine licensed or even make a day inferior trafficking gangsters to buy genuine products

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Dead. After “That old fool old monster, he can grab something from the hands down to earth fairy, is it even stronger than he is now immortal Ins and outs of this old monster in the end what Highness few days to three lessons a day pass Wu Hall must be pressed out of his bottom line to ah grab something from a fairy land hand, I seem to shelter a terrific guy ah. Ye Hao, do have this old monster thugs,Louis Vuitton, I fear Who ” He smiled, took three handle feijian, very sincere said: “Rest assured, these three handle feijian, I will give my three apprentice, you have seen the ah is that the three , Zhou, Lin Shi, Lvan trio thing. worry, they are very motivated to know, certainly not unworthy of the three handle the baby. ” water Motoko Menheng soon, straight gas fainted. “Given that three baby Them that what is broken skill ah Including a twoedged Sword, but really, you, you gave it three of the gas phase have not reached the son of a bitch You, you, air brake and I . . “Water Motoko completely silent. harsh wind grinning, his face hidden machinations did not. “You old people are right, their skill is too low, there is such a child of eight hundred years of skill, how worthy of the best of these three feijian handle it Well, your old little hard to give them Enter a little fairies, so they can at least skill storm Correctional times, it probably can be achieved of late gas, right like your old Albanian bamboo done, hee hee, so they deserve the three handle Sword is not it ” what is being sold a number of money but also to help Motoko water is now a pair of virtue. Hear the harsh wind quibble words, he actually deserved the nod, his face beaming said: “The kid brought over those three, I am not a good practice that they can not allow them to live up to my three handle feijian ah. Especially I robbed it edged when I easy put the immortal and his three companions to kill a thousand miles, all went overseas island, only the sword to rush down, then you had better be worthy of my hard work is. ” seem a harsh wind Thunder bombardment in the forehead, and he decided to speak up. This old guy, he can play four one immortal Hai Ba four immortal kill more than ten thousand years He, he is God or the devil In addition to the legend of the mythical, the fear is that no one can have such a powerful magic, right malicious Motoko looked up and down a little water, harsh wind whispered a sentence:. “This old guy does and storyteller said the monk as it is not eating his mouthful of flesh, the skill can be deepened tenfold immortality it “harsh wind’d like to try. water Motoko mouth Bickering looking at three weeks to recruit the harsh wind came in from the get two silver trim eyebrows up and down the chaos flying a pass. Then grabbed three weeks at the collar and left. His mouth and moaned: “You three, I’ll give you seven days to reach the latter of gas, if ye be, I alive demolished your bones ah, ah Fortunately, I have a few here. Pieces Stolen ‘mysterious purple liquid condensate Dan,’ Hey, just try to give you the effect that mere mortals can not eat what elixir, eating die, I’d see you Sibu Si. ” harsh wind gently touched his chin. Face strange smile. Survival Song crept came out, she asked to: “Let them three weeks at the school followed the old monster Lianqi, it really is no problem just listen to him talk, it seems that what Dan, but poison ah.. ” harsh wind shook his head,Louis Vuitton Outlet, his face to smile softly said: “Bale, Survival Song, it would be three of them for weeks at a strike washy hone their predecessors to drill three, and it’s my turn to practice. you,. you big future leader, but the East Plant, today’s martial arts, but some bad. fills a little skill loss I will let you upgrade the furnace interior point it home as soon as possible. “harsh wind’s easy to sell personal feelings to Survival Song, in fact, according to those who cure him, as long as it wants to give law enforcement Survival Song, where the need to waste their skill it Survival Song took the hand to go outside to the yard, and suddenly heard a few times subtle sound of the strings struck back to bamboo. With harsh wind back. Know Shueisiou children in there, staring at his back and watch. Harsh wind a little bit uncomfortable twist the body, frowned. “This is the trouble. Then let her courtesan fairy how to teach those who spend little girls camp piano Non want her to stay in the palace, guys, harsh wind made me seem ungrateful, like dodging her, hum ! ” very full ejected from the nose of a group inside air conditioning, harsh wind grabbed Survival Song sped away. Shueisiou children slowly since the bamboo came out, his face gentle smile, somewhat obsessively look to the harsh wind back. ‘boom’ is heard, the yard to the door was kicked open, and sweating profusely kitten angrily walked back iron hand casually throw out, suddenly turned and hit a walls are . “His mother and I never go to the Ministry of War retire, and fight it, white knife into the red knife out is that where there is so much attention to them Remediation of a suit of armor thing, they have to study half a day, anxious to provoke me I put all of the group of officials to bar a pinch. ” harsh wind chuckled to persuade the whole body flaming kitten, Shueisiou children bamboo side hee hee laugh a few times, trot turned the pavilion, was gone. As the kitten back to work Guard headquarters in the city, up the yard and lively, always heard the screams of beaten kittens issued when the disciples Dragon Gate Zhang San Feng Yun stood grinning head, laughing shouting: “Look, I’ll give you a chance to continue to kill you as long as I am old madman back, squatting on the back obediently several hills west of that, you will. There are opportunities and I play it. If you go any further, but just in front of death, and did not see you two brothers have been killed yet then walked forward, you should be finished ah. ” ‘tut tut’, the Chi Master Spit splattered bluff with: “I’m crazy, but good old, ah, tell you that you can not go any hurry back, repent, you go back to the southwest or overseas, then you have a chance to send. people kill me slowly Chi Master, if you still go forward, you can be is dead. ” Pitt Linger hear angry, suddenly jumped to the front feet of the Zhang San Feng, a green split out. Chi Master laughing aloud, his hands grasp, seize the Bi Linger Jianguang, looked at his two big hands while fiercely Roudong, that road green Jianguang ‘pops’ burst of chaos ring, which he abruptly twisted debris, as many fireflies flying out. Pitt Linger alarmed, quickly back a dozen paces, Chi Master is a strange smile advancing a dozen paces. Suddenly , Chi Master’s complexion has become extremely serious, he Chen Sheng said: “I will not lie to you old madman, you guys are leaving overseas evil creature fierce enough, already is outrageous, and do not play gooseberry close hand, I’m afraid you can not go back overseas one I Chi Master Life bear false witness, you go any further, it is really putting Jupiter, there is no way out. “Dan Jingsheng, flying fairies looked at each other, Dan raw acoustic past to : “Wait own Beware, though this crazy old man crazy, but it touches a person who speaks the truth FIR, this can not be selfwilled, and I always feel Zhongyuan doors seem to have any conspiracy, we had better be careful” fly fairy nodded silently, leaning against the Danborn body. The infinite laughs ancestors already up, her eyes flashing in the coldness chaos, a huge underlying strength from his body to take out a series of black Leiguang toward Chi Master Mengpi. “Absurd, you say that we can not move forward Chi Master, we back it You too highly of himself. Zhang crazy, then I move.” Chi Master frowned, his right hand palm launch, all from within the family and became a true element of convergence large golden palm roared out Pixiang that numerous black electrooptical. ‘H’, ‘Para’ bang, Chi Master golden paw prints were shattered, he was covered like a lightning strike, was split back Shiji Li. Infinite ancestors had a body slightly shaking a bit, his face grim look to the Zhang San Feng away figure. “You Daoxing even close, the Chi Master, when you a few big, you can not scare us” stretch real scream: “Gentlemen, comrades, we go, do not ignore this old madman.” suddenly flew overseas have scattered repair, move on. No one note, Danborn duo sneaky fairy fly flying in the final surface, they also own the original Fai not Jianguang converges bleak, as if two ordinary bulk repair door person. Chi Master flew back a few strange people around in plain, a bit helpless beat his ass shot went above the dust, then shouted:. “the old way, I was not crazy, and you figure it out here things can not lend the old lunatic,. I went to Wudang Mountain, and to me that a group of disciples however, really have to be ruthless, and obediently, thousands of troops, ah, Zhu Di, the guy really ruthless. ” have a third eye on the forehead that young gentle smile, nodded and said: “Zhang Zhen, help yourself, to the world of fortune, live toil back and forth, this credit, God recorded live from the blood when there is heart. Daren cause, but I’ll wait for the monastic ” Chi Master rolled his eyes, Paipaipigu left. He did not bother to listen to wordy. “You are also thirtyfive Millennium predecessors, and how to speak also so pedantic, it sounds uncomfortable. Mother, just like me a few tattered as apprentice to butter me up. Warmhearted ah what are the shit!” Yuehua Jian, he was a golden early to get away. several young men looking embarrassed Chi Master looked away, a piece of a mosaic of young priests forehead jade with a wry smile: “The Chi Master Zhang Zhen, may really like his nickname in general, hey, it really is the true nature We monasticism thousands of years, are still not as good as he could see broken, could thoroughly understand “him quickly changed the subject:.” but if we like him, nothing to see through the front of his disciples is a pass shouted, fear is that we will no decent Queensland today no saved “three eyes man smile, the face of frustration:.” Bale, Zhang Zhen but righteous person, is also a big blessing of the people, to say to him , here is the first thing to get rid of it. you fellow. to happen when spotted, Kowloon days flames once launched, a large Luo Jin xiandu get away, this way, but it is too heavy killings, fear is for me door air transport disadvantage, so I’m going to stay out of a hole, all hands are not contaminated with too many bloody people, I waited to let him leave, how ” said several young people nodded good:. ” Terrific is so ancient shadow Exalted, will your magic wand that can cleave Kowloon Skyfire position power, you can do this thing, it was only a” moment breeze blowing, a few people suddenly disappeared, their means of the wind away, but clever than the sword flew more than a hundred times, means the ground is already immortal, no longer a mortal Sword effort. Tens of thousands of overseas repair loose Jianguang with violent thunder sound, flyby to Henan Chaoge ancient city lies. infinite ancestors grinning: “Henan province, famous back lot, although I heard the Songshan Shaolin Temple martial arts gangs, but there is also the potential disciples Fozong Hugh Yellow river, there are numerous places Spirit is built. Water Palace, you fellow, whether we can win these fairyland, may depend on our own ability. “scattered repair cheered, but Henan Zhongyuan hinterland, surging Yellow River to flow from the middle of it too, do not know How many Reiki plenty of hills river in its territory, although no major monastic sects, but those are mostly in the Spirit of the Yellow River Qianxiu, as long as seize their possession, can be placed here at least dozens of scattered repair Portal ah. ‘boom’ is heard, Toru Muyu sonic booms throughout the world, surrounded by the mist was shattered, carried by the wind toward him. Originally darkening sky, suddenly turned bright, because there are eighteen pieces of sky blue beads bucket earth issued a dazzling, within a radius of a hundred miles to illuminate if the day in general. This seems to have banned the space near fall upon, only to see Barry about a hundred miles of scenery is dark, can not hear outside sound waves wind and water of the Yellow River. Dan caught a bit raw flying fairy, whispered said: “Things are not good, I feel, it seems that there was a great deal of force on our feet in the ground, which, Central door these people, in the end they spent What baby ” Tuochen, Zhang Tian, ​​mention whip old man described as quirky and more than a dozen young and old persons appear in the air, they happen to occupy the position of gossip, much of this promise overseas twenty thousand monks surrounded inside. Behind them, left a clump, clump right, with a road light flashed, a piece of the sky in the clouds disappeared behind the clouds every piece, but had hidden thousands of priests. That is a Zhancha effort, a clouds are gone, at least four hundred thousand monks around the Central Plains on. infinite completely stunned their ancestors, thousands of people, what is this concept And look at them one by one air ample appearance, you can imagine they are the elite of the door of the Central Plains. Battle, has not played overseas repair were scattered lose. Tuochen them to see and those who stand with it, which will not be weaker than their ancestors knows no boundaries, only stronger. Central door heritage thousands of years, there are always some old monster to stay human, not willing to go heaven. that carrying Tiebian feeble old man shouted out: “I just told you not to go, you have to come,. and now we want you to leave, there is no way Alas, my fellow overseas, what are you. why This is why bother us live in peace for thousands of years, this is why you have to enter the Central Plains ” Tuochen drink sing loudly chanted, Chen Sheng to:. “Central Plains of you to come down is understandable, the Central Plains mountains blessed to do more, gentlemen, fellow he can make for some great mountains and rivers of you why you fellow Kiyonaga me and other fellow ruthless First off Emei, Qingcheng recidivism, gentlemen start, too Henla some. dynasty emperor even with the promise that you did, but also like a cultivator do it ” real stretch rushed forward, yelling that: “Today you gathered so many people and we make things difficult, but do not put our people see your eyes Mo is chicken watts dog, ready to collapse this live in the vicinity of the North Pole’s most mysterious light small eyes, practicing the ‘nine Qionglu moon and starlight shuttle’, under a strike, a radius of a thousand miles to make into a powder, today I use this baby, and you fight a length. “finished, Anyhow, in spite of his bayan on a slip of children flying colorful light. Dan raw Startled, he scared voice Di Hu: “, he is not forcing us down the road to ruin what this magic power of the great one shot, where there is room for easing does not play all die.” pure, clear light enveloped the entire world. A group of shuttleshaped light hanging sky, huge, matchless pressure down from heaven to upload. Skill weaker monks already covered flick. A blood Kuangpen out. Even Tuochen they master this level. Also looking horror, involuntarily took a step back. This atmosphere is no feelings, a sense of sheer destructive power. A once released, will make the land of a thousand miles radius of all the terrible energy into ashes. infinite ancestors such as revealing exciting look odd, but they have wailed:. “fills it with me today, such as the strongest weapon, and they see a compete it.” thirteen groups wacky light up the sky, suddenly kind of violent, anxious to stress enhanced more than a hundred times. The air seems to be solidified into rock, like all people have a sense of respite, however. Two sides

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Smoothly, but also unique and Conroy Chan Chu felt unusual flustered. Did last night really was a misunderstanding, which is also unique and Conroy Chan Chu time to think. and came, this time they did not have a boat, but put the ladder picked up directly by the helicopter. Helicopters come soon, we are also welltrained personnel, in succession on the ladder when Chu is also the only still thought maybe he really is suspicious. in only Conroy and Chu Chu is also the only time has been worried about the only thing happened. Chu also is preparing a CD ladder, but this time Conroy has been in the middle of the ladder, Zhao far to see the big gun against Conroy, okay well prepared, Chu is also the only immediately took possession of the sleeve between pocket pistol, facing big Zhao was about to shoot is shot, although only hit his arm, but the reaction time is sufficient Conroy, Conroy Chan a few steps back in time to be cut off from the top ladder. At this point the only Chu also has to hide in the woods, who can not find a helicopter above the target can only fly away. Chu also see big Zhao Wei,. clutching his arm helicopter Yinhen eyes flashed, followed by a sinister smile, although Chu is also the only energy spared him the gun, but also doomed to die here, fun still to come. Chu is also the only pocket pistol grip hand, if it is not really hard to imagine this gun and Conroy Maybe he’ll be buried here. Iraq seems a prescient, if she told him no matter what the gun can not be away from the body, then, in the case of all firearms have been taken up, he and Conroy this die. He really did not understand why they do it. But now is not the time and thoughts, as soon as he got to find Conroy, which woods unknown dangers are everywhere, no matter who wants to live very difficult. He wasted no time must be found Conroy in the night before. After Chu is also the only projected over Conroy in the direction of landing there may start looking for the law, and will do two people know the secret codes in the trees, this is a child with outdoor survival when everyone together, there is the perception that he is now on Conroy no hope, after falling from a high altitude, but there may be in the gun, but just in case he made a mark. one hundred and forty seventh chapter heaven pays off in the night, when Chu also the upcoming CD is finally found in a tree Conroy. At this time Conroy has lost consciousness, are covered in scratches, but fortunately he was not shot. Chu is also unique in the call quickly sober. two hands together, this is a strong performance, as long as there is a little hope of survival they will not give up, because they have people who care about their care needs. now they do not have any time to waste, the next day they have to face is much stronger than the power of two. Because this island is the study of chemical agents, so they would not have had ruined the island, after all, this is not their familiar territory, and if once because they act rashly and what consequences can not pick up, it is the two are not want to see. The most important issue now facing is basic survival, they have nothing covered up, that everything is planned in advance, even if the result is that they want a gun that they beat to death, but also that they died on the island. Chu family situation now also the only most worried every time he is not on a mission and family, and sometimes even have a nonconsecutive month of news, based on confidential terms, almost no one knew his organization was What kind of organization, so just let him organize the socalled advantage of the loophole, if they so carefully concealed two or three months at home may never know that he has been missing. now he basically has been able to determine each other’s purpose, he is not a fool,Louis Vuitton Outlet, he knew this was not simply directed at him, but at him behind the Chu family, even the Iraqi home, Chen, he now most worried about is the one in Iraq, according to their first deal with his acting method, it is easy to guess their next goal is an Iraqi. Iraq Iraqi family as the smallest one granddaughter into the fact that the former should not wicked eye, but now the attitude of an Iraqi family in Iraq to let those people will take the opportunity to use, so it seems now in Iraq is the most dangerous one. but now he does not want to tell the family of so fast his disappearance or death thing, he understood the Iraqi one, if not personally seen it all, then she will not admit, that time she will find time to come to this Block Island, if she had been in the capital okay, but once she was out of the capital or to the island,Louis Vuitton, it is no doubt that the enemy’s mind along. He really did not want to let her scraped. Conroy Chan Chu is also the only want to see his time too, and now he is also worried that a bad stomach villain children, now he is now really glad we did not tell her that he is also the only place to Chu, but fortunately She did not promise to marry her, or else it would mean that we should not marry a widow backs name of the first, he thought she can not bear to look stubborn. “We will definitely go back alive,” Conroy’s sad to see the only Lanzhu Chu also said his shoulder, looked solemn, firm tone is indisputable. “Yes, brothers united the benefit payments” to hear Conroy Chan Chu also seems to be the only words to play with blood, as becomes radiant. The same solemn Lanzhu Chu also the only shoulder. night is always the most difficult, and now the only and Conroy Chan Chu also like going back to childhood miscellaneous field survival training looks like, but fortunately this island in the past is to give researchers life, so there are some basic household items, just two Now the direction of mix, who did not backup could not find the road map. In fact, they both understand that no use to find the house, where only basic water, because almost all of the food that they have been destroyed, it was thought that some shadowy mysterious island who did not want to leave any of them things, so basically to be able to destroy almost destroyed, but only if the water is also unique, and Conroy Chan Chu is also critical, so they have to find the house, or is able to put their thirst thirst. night has been deep, but both of no sleep. So they now only have always maintained a high degree of vigilance, otherwise Wei Chu also no doubt that they will unknowingly being killed. ‘Sibilant hiss ‘ Just going to dawn when Conroy and Chu Wei also heard the same sound, though vehemently softly, but in such a quiet environment so that they do not want to find that difficult. Almost no dialogue, Conroy Chan and Chu is also the only exercise is like a million times, like while leaping, and then back to back solutions enemy. Chu Wei also do not intend to waste the gun just a few rounds, so both can be solved with a dagger dagger. Iraq had a hobby because they have learned close fighting, and now the two hands of those very fortunate to come are no guns, they seem to be callous, and eyes without any glory, even the movements are simple, just Titanic, Chu also saw a CD on the life of a tree down the middle of the student interrupted. Ten minutes, ten minutes, and Conroy Chan Wei Chu also only then come around all six people killed. They now are already exhausted, sitting back on the ground. Watching the bloody dagger they all laughed. “It seems that your kid’s eyes always good,” Conroy looking up to heaven, panting said,. his tone is deep laugh. “Of course,” Chu Wei always also do not understand how to write the word modesty, not to mention one thing about Iraq. Listen to others praised the Iraqi people listen to him than a praise himself also pleased, again, that girl is indeed worthy of praise others. two hands are in Iraq to send a dagger, more than they Zhao Fang, Zhang Mengnan, of course, the original Qinghua, which is one of their staff. Today they are still able to recall, Iraq had put a dagger give them time to say. She said: “This is a dagger, but I sent in Iraq, remember that you can not leave the body to be anywhere else to let you know I taste the taste Pegasus Meteor Fist hum, but I will check anywhere.” Although Later in Iraq a never checked this dagger is not also wear them in the body, but she does not know is that from the dagger to them from the moment they have been really close with very obedient. There had melee fighting, but for Iraq a stick they would not go to school under the drudgery. In their view, learning close fighting on and they have to learn taekwondo almost, but did not expect to learn when it really started to know although both like, but not the same thing. two people unknowingly have laughed out loud, turned and looked at Conroy Chan Chu is also unique, Conroy also turned and looked at Chu also unique, and while Grant says two people are laughing reasons. “Listen sister, then eat rice” Having a louder, more heroic smile. This is often the time in Iraq a catchphrase, it seems really right way. “Come on,” two people stood up and continued eastward forward. Only the short time the sun had risen. Although the North Star at night can indicate direction, but after all night two conservative think people are not very safe at night, so will choose to follow the sun during the day to identify the direction. [next two adventures Diudiu it is not written on the bypass, but the one in Iraq, where it will try to write, see the text automatically presents two friends went through hardships risk it ( ) hee hee ] They know now they are not optimistic about the situation, but they are also no other way. They do not have any means of communication to let the two of them in a passive, now do is patiently waiting for rescue, to food is just fine, just outside both worried invariably the case. The next day they found the house are automatically exploded, but fortunately, well prepared or else two people were killed in the house. Originally the house for fear of chemical gases would be hurt so both people choose to stay at the coast, so that if there is not careful passing fishing boat they can be found. Only a day before the dinner into the woods to kill prey. has come to skydiving location, we are all in this regard after training what is naturally no problem. Yan Lie tilted her head to Iraq to see an Iraqi one this way also did not say anything, seems to have been thinking about something different. Iraq also know that a strong inflammation observed in all the way to her, but she really is nothing to say. She had tried to use their abilities to see Chu is also the only life and death, but failed. She knows that she has changed his fate, so miracles will not see his future, she also knew this would be like inflammation intense worry, but she just did not want to talk, if she asked her intense inflammation think of something What, she could not answer, because even she herself did not know his own thinking. She knew that people would take advantage of her and Chu also not the only time to engage in some small action, but she is not worried, Sean ability than anyone else she knew, ‘field day’ ability to understand her better than anyone else, want They want to hide things that are simply impossible, the home side to Sean that she is one hundred assured. Now the most important thing for her is that Chu is also the only, and do not know exactly how he is now kind. Zaozhidaojiu should inject a chip in his body, so no matter where he she can easily reach him, so she will not have to worry about. She believes that the only fixed Chu also fine, but this is only a short time, she knew those people since want to do, then it must be precise layout, eat, and drink are problems, and this is the reason she is eager to find. “ready” I know do not want to talk too much inflammation in Iraq a strong will not force. He knows she will not be easily defeated, from the beginning to know this girl everything she let him admiration, seems to have endless treasures in her body, just waiting around for people to continue to dig. one hundred and fortieth eight chapters finally fell to the ground, in fact, from a helicopter over the island to the time they are ready to fight. When skydiving, too, because at this time of shooting or they do not have any of their way, but in order to allow trapped in the island’s sole Chu also have no other way to see them. So they live around these interludes are also a lot of dummies to confuse the public. one they landed here in Iraq, there are also unique and Conroy Chan Chu saw Iraq as a wish of their parachutes. Those watching the sky shining parachute Chu also the only thought I was dazzled, but looking at the next Conroy is equally shocked that he knew he really did wrong. Though not tell friend or foe, but at least let them see some real people. “You said you would not be the one they die in Iraq,” Conroy also looked Chu Wei asked. Although the tone is very dull, but the kind of excitement and which contains a concealed Chu also grew up with his CD’s. “is unclear, but she is her” Chu Wei also very uncertain in the end they are not the Iraqi one, but in the last two people to see parachute when he shouted excited. Then Conroy also determine it really is an Iraqi, and two people hugging laughed, thought should be on for a while, I did not expect the Iraqi one could be so rapidly, simply save the living Buddha in a time of distress He also can not control their emotions, excited even have the desire to jump. They learn skydiving together, stands to reason that lofty Chu is also the only place not see the face, but he remembers Iraq a skydiving action. Skydiving most important thing is have a good time, they have been able to remember so clearly is because Iraq has always been clever one pair skydiving very cold, each is slightly faster than slower, he has got good rhythm, so now parachuting Iraq is still a flawed. Because Iraq has always been a good, so we did things because skydiving her little joke, although they all know the Iraqi people will not care about such a bona fide ‘hit’, but Chu is also the only one still can not bear to be in Iraq along with everyone booing So privately called Iraq a few times to master the methods and experience. With these methods and experience although I still mistakes in Iraq, but it has to be more than just the time to start practicing better. on just after he saw one after another standard paratroopers out of the man behind the obvious than others slower tempo, but not so inclined, and her time in La Shengsuo great body to the right These are the characteristics of Iraq a parachute, although do not rule out others have the same problems, but everything is not as coincidences, people say in this place, at this time can only appear in one of Iraq. ‘she came’ Chu is also the only thought in my heart. None of this is out of his expected, he knew in Iraq, get yourself a missing or dead after the news,. will not easily believe that she would come to his place to look for clues to the accident in the first time, will not believe that anyone, even if those words watertight. “how do we now” look Conroy is already pleased to find the North, and even the most should do things forgotten, also asked Chu is also unique. Also so many days to eat well, sleep well, I thought no hope, suddenly want to come, which makes him how can we not be excited, not excited. those people, “you say,” Chu Wei also now been restored mood, in fact, he has come to know that Iraq will be the first time they get a message, the one in Iraq as long as they have saved, but he was afraid of late no later told something about their home, and if the location is wrong to tell, so will reduce their chances of living down. It now appears that those who overestimate themselves and underestimate them, they mistook They will be able to use only three days pushed the dead land

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It Why has repeatedly attacked his wife “Zhou Ying Liu asked to. “you finally remembered down to business.” Liu said, “given that the postChen Lin kicked out, the next experiment will go on, but why was he cheated woodlands simmering breath, even the independent experiment completed. you think Chen should be a given in any mood then go woodlands cooperation, Lin would not be stupid enough to be fooled, so he moved ruthless. outset estimate is offered,. and not a threat, anyway, human beings are This set, and finally “He two fingers, made a Mobo Zi action. “That is not Lin’s death was an accident, but that none of my mom what happened Why is it something to her” Lin Rui death never met this “father” of no concern. “Because woodlands, though dead, but Chen Ting did not get what they want, ah, do not start start to his wife to whom there is little This is just my guess ─ ─ Lin Rui got ill, but they still I’m alive. “His eyes stopped at Lin Rui him,” Of course they do not know there’s a turn of events, some will think Lin Qingping even mastered the technique of leukemia can be cured directly to find her, even Lin’s death also will be exposing out, as lamb “Liu to a kind of” you know it “looked at everyone. “do not understand.” fire child first says, “Do not tell me that a bunch of clones, ah, ah, what technology you will say who start hurt the little fox mother on the line. Chen Ting, right me now to burn his hospital. ” “fire children’re right, I do not care for what reason, in short, he hurt my mother, I now put the bomb into his stomach to go.” Lin Rui squinting, said fiercely. “explosions and eat people, do both.” fire children happily agreed. Lin Rui body flash, showing a Nine prototype, caught fire children jumped back. They just want to depart, but Liu to bomb a snap of his fingers, stopped them: “You can not go now.” “Why” “I promised the zombies, give her a day to save a person.” “What!” Lin Rui furious, “if she is to save Chen Tinghow to do that” “is not, is another person.” “I do not believe. sooner you go the better, lest they out what tricks.” “You ungrateful dead fox! Why do you think I promised her ah.” Liu continued stopping them, “This is no longer intervene in the conditions out of her.” “she inserted the tube does not intervene, we are not afraid of her” fire child is always mesh no demon. “I have promised her.” “We promise not any, you do not on the line.” “Everyone do not want me to go back, you are not allowed to go!” “mustsee!” Liu land darkened, and raised his hand: “No!” fire together staring at the child and Lin Rui Liu, the watch also fight, Zhou Ying Liu walked over and stood together side by side: “This is yours too headstrong,Louis Vuitton Outlet, I stood to the side Liu.” “Really.” Fire beat Liu gave up the child immediately to the meal plan, “That’s not even wait one day” “just for one day only.” Zhou Ying good words to comfort him. Lin Rui jumped back from the fire children, returned to human form,Louis Vuitton, unpleasantly muttered: “I accompany my mother say tomorrow.” finished ready to go downstairs. “I am with you.” Liu opened the door for him to land. “What are you doing ah” Lin Rui white at him. Liu ground smiling, said: “That is among this day, I will always look at your front foot or you go out, even your rear foot went to the hospital a little cleverness can see through it, I put this old. Would not it be lived to the dogs. ” “you always been a dog.” Lin Rui was going to see through him, and said bitterly, “You do not let my mother see.” “at ease, let’s go.” Zhou Ying Liu Chong spoke wink, with Lin Rui gone. Zhou Ying knows that his task is optimistic about the fire children. But he’d not worry about children on fire, after the fire was not a wayward child child. Even he did not perceive the moment he thought of tomorrow to meet South feather thing. just take a baby out from the culture medium, waving fists cry for a while, then fell asleep. “This is the most successful one.” give this baby done various checks, Xu Yuanzhang put down the record says, “You could say a little flaws are not.” “Great, Dad!” Chen Yu learn happily exclaimed, “This child that you can cure the disease.” Chen Tingwhite at him: “Where there is so easy, rapid growth of technology can not solve the surgery my heart do not know, such as unequal got so long” Chen Yu learn momentary silence, fire sent a staff member to the body side: “Lin Qingping how well treated there so trivial thing to do even with such a long time!” “me, me already broke a ticking time bomb on her door.” “Then why did not blow up” “line.” Chen Ting reprimanded his son, “who live in our hospital also let her out alive. are so big you still have to do something bad, how I would have a son like you!” he sighed. asked, “Lin experimental data to find it” no one answered him. “group of waste! if I had a bad heart.” “Dean, in fact, I have a new program, as we try it” Chen Ting hand touched the baby: “Oh, if it fails, shame However, there is no other way, on the first try your program, others look for woodlands experimental data, continue to develop new individual. well, to get rid of as soon as possible, so she found out from the woodlands records ─ ─ we’re in trouble and do not let go of her son! ” Together everyone agreed with, is preparing to carry out his orders, but saw the baby was a pair of hands holding up. “South Doctor!” with people who knew her cry out. South feather carefully put the baby in his arms, gently coaxed him, let him sleep. “how did you get in” Chen Ting asked warily. “I just wanted to take him.” Nan Yu holding a baby shaking. “No matter what you’re saying, put him!” surrounded by South Yu looked over to his men, helpless sigh: ” you think ‘kill’ the third time I do,” she looked sternly at Chen Ting, “The first time was ten years ago, you are in surgery the errors lead to a patient died because of that the patient is a senior official, so you put the blame on me,. and pushed me to go upstairs, disguised as suicide, but that the surgery I also think they have a responsibility, if I not lust after painting the picture, arrived in a timely manner, then the patient will not die, so I forgive you, second time was four years ago, you stealing and selling human organs, because I know the truth and murdered, I think you Although the dead organ theft, but after all save a few people, so they forgive you once, just modify your memory and information continue to live my day now, I put these memories back to you right You have to shoot it for me “Southern Yu looked pulled out a pistol Chen Ting asked. “monster monster ” Chen Ting mind suddenly emerged about the woman’s memory to make him into a panic, exclaimed, “You monster!” Then, fired several shots in a row. baby was gunfire scared to cry, South plume quickly coax him:. “Boy, do not cry ” she coax the child side of Chen Ting said, “Yes, I am a monster, I’ve lived a thousand years, so I can understand your feelings of the human pursuit of longevity. been alive, has been retained young body, not just humans, I also want this, so I forgive you once again. And “She walked over to Chen Ting. Chen Ting scared back again and again: “You you you doing” South feather by hand on his chest, after a moment and said:. “I’ve put your heart and healed the child is useless to you right away, I took him to practice and longevity of our monsters, cannibalism, eating the same, but you humans not even ‘own’ are left off but, although I forgive you, but then other people you do unforgivable things he was coming to him repay Under the debt, and I can no obligation to protect you. “South feather to their sarcastic smile, holding the baby disappeared. Chen Ting clutching his chest, just frightened and began to ache because even normal heart beat with, do not really cured Is it not an illusion “Whether or not there really a monster, since the guinea pigs were lost, they quickly began to cultivate the next batch. This experiment can not just for my body, but to the development and progress of human civilization, Albert is the benefit of all mankind! “His breath With these words, his heart felt relieved. “lovemaking.” door came the sound of applause. a teenage boy standing there with a naive smile clapping, also parked on the shoulder of his strange appearance of a bird. “For the development and progress of human civilization.’re Good, fully reflects your despicable and shameless.” With experience South plume appeared, Chen Ting first gun at him before and asked: “Who are you” “Rui Lin, Lin Qingping son.” Lin Rui, like all human beings, as a boy, leaped to walk, came to the edge of his mouth, “can not say you do not know something, oh my mother.” “turned out to be Lin’s son.” Lin Rui Chen Ting, pointing a gun and slowly put down. “No, I do not know Lin, my mother’s only son.” Lin Rui with a very cute look said, “I have come to put this thing back to you ” Then he lifted up the bomb. ” are you in front of my house, right ” “bomb!” exclaimed a sound together. “Do not worry, look, I have it torn down ” Lin Rui cut his own lines to them. They looked relieved after, Lin Rui and his eyes said, “but the fire children can suddenly explode oh it.” “Yes, I’ll explode.” fire children eager. Lin Rui Chen Ting and his son against the extremely brilliant smile: “So please be ready, 1,2,3, fried myself!” boom South feather carefully holding the baby, got into the car shadow week. “This child is the person you want to save” “ah.” South feather gently humming a ditty to coax the child was asleep, “that he was ‘made’ out, and before that different, he does not have any inherent deficiencies, so I put him out.” “how to place him” “go to the orphanage, he is an individual class, of course, should be responsible for him by humans.” “pop”, “bang Lang” downstairs came the “familiar” dun sound, Zhou Ying sighed, as if today is Lin Rui own home. ten minutes later, Lin Rui calmly ran up: “My mother left the hospital to pick up my aunt, I want to buy a little food back to celebrate, throw those guys to help me out, do not let me see my mother.” “Why not just get things resolved, but also those bonds is not difficult for you, right” Zhou Ying did not understand why he’s so tolerant of these usury. “I’ve done on the hands and feet of the debt contract, but also a thousand a month, also finished last (also a thousand a month, they owe money not to have a hundred) If I suddenly get a lot of Money back, my mother would suspect, I am ready to let the credit over a year or so the company closed down, so perfect it. Moreover, these guys come last Gesanchawu, is also a good pastime. “He Week Shadow wallet took a few notes, and asked the Road, “Do not forget to modify their memories, so they think they hurt the body is hit by a car or roll up the stairs or something.” Lin Rui waved away. seems to have completely adapted Lin Rui human life. After it ends,. their mother should be able to begin to live a quiet life. “Ati!” on a busy street, Liu ground sneezed. “Who Thinking again I ah” He rubbed his nose and muttered, continuing to see the hands of the newspapers. “City Hospital exploded, more than health care workers died on the spot The explosion occurred in the underground laboratory, estimated to be due, caused by the explosion caused because the old fire fighting equipment in a timely manner, did not spread to the ground, in addition to including hospital Long Chen Ting were killed, including seven foreign medical staff, patients and other hospital staff without any casualties ” “Ha ha ha ” Liu laughed, “interesting news. humans too interesting viewpoint, such a thing can be explained through.” He walked to the newspaper balled and thrown to the ground, A single woman walked quickly to the side of the road version Source: physical book adventures of six: Royal Ooze time or six pm, but because of very heavy overcast, rain and under a very big, so it looks like the night of the same. In this weather, Zhou Ying has appeared on the roof of a building. Week shadow around themselves to avoid using water spells, and fire children do not care for such a storm, rain beating on his feathers composed by the flames quickly evaporated. They looked up to calculate the time, waiting for the appearance of the moon. Although the rain has been under a day and a night, but tonight will stop. Zhou Ying and fire only child, living in this city of monsters who are not willing to miss the moon on July 15 this year. Liu suddenly emerge from the floor, went to Zhou Ying. Apparently even his enthusiasm for this guy to eat, drink, do not want to miss tonight. Zhou Ying Liu came around, have not had time to speak, just normal rain still pouring on suddenly stopped, the clouds of heaven is like something suddenly erased as quickly receded to the west of the sky, and shortly disappear clean. “Oh, is that zombies can be really Jia her temper, but she was the most appropriate to do such a thing, but the.” Liu ground grinning authentic. Birds such as the South nearly a thousand years of practicing zombie, if you wish, you can easily make a state a county scene of utter desolation, dripfree survival, by her to stop this storm really is a piece of cake, so they are called drought with great courage. After suddenly sunny weather, Liu and Zhou Ying faintly visible in the distance scattered dozens of skyscrapers looming on top of all of the “shadows”, everyone’s ideas are the same, I hope there is no shelter in place to accept the moon tonight . “popping” sound, Lin Rui also jumped on the roof, took a breath, said: “My mother is good  winded ah, I use magic to make her fall asleep just slipped out, but fortunately did not delay the event.” Liu ground, Zhou Ying and Lin Rui fire children greeted with a smile. At this time, the moon rose. When the city hurried pace of mankind, no time to enjoy the beautiful moon, the monsters are waiting for a long time, but busy again. In their eyes, as if there tonight billion stars in the moonlight like a light olive group, is tied with the moonlight, drawn on the earth. “Emperor Ooze!” monsters have begun to capture, collect this is called “Emperor Ooze” things, to integrate them into their own body. vegetation, animals must accept the essence of moonlight, and it must be every six years on July 15 moonlight once, in order to be reborn, to get ideas, and then began to practice magic. Since that day the moon contains “Emperor Ooze.” If the monster who ate it, the equivalent of a night of practice to learn the essence of the sun and moon for decades, so there is no monster miss this opportunity once six decades. in humans have not noticed in the evening, a monster who spent six years festival

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Do, milky skin glowing attractive sheen, hey laugh, and said she wanted to direct Puxia, picked up a thigh beauty white matte finish, Tingqiang straight into Blossom, and suddenly could not uttered a comfortable hum hum Sisters smiles tenderly hold that person, Jiaoqu side down to meet with, real estate broker microYang, the gums Shaman down, but it is implied gently press your fingers on a bed somewhere next room that they want to imagine the situation was not staged in modern love, rock meditation on the breath mahogany chair with eyes closed, seems waiting for a signal at its opposite, sat a man wearing a long white water lines skirt, looks picturesque, temperament gentle woman gentle eyes of this woman, who fell on the rock, love the color flashed a bit from time to time, but was she give all pressure in the heart, not show the slightest He is a man of indomitable spirit ,Louis Vuitton Outlet, she was such a living dust, people insulted a woman, how worthy within room extremely quiet, so it makes it seem extremely loud ringing coming wood carving on bed racks, somewhat delicate purple bells hanging on it, the moment is gently shaking, giving off a sweet bell tones Taishou rock suddenly, eyes flashed a bit hi Italy across gentle woman is looking slightly changed, a pair of bright eyes suddenly dim, but not the slightest delay, directly got up, went directly to the embroidered bed bedding set off, exposing the lower jade bed, in which the whole clouds block the production of embroidered bed at the center, the size of a matrix method Zhang Yu exquisite carving on delicate lines, collusion mellow,. apparently from a woman’s hand this woman hands Emmanuel shimmering, out of ten began directly from within the storage ring, bayan between them knocked into battle formation began with the recess, which starts suddenly matrix method, successive lines of a Road lights, exudes a faint aura,Louis Vuitton, but no star point breath revealed, foes force is absorbed by the matrix method itself, to become a successful cycle matrix method is turned on, this woman turned to look at the rock, looking to provoke mouth and whispered: “I’m afraid no one think, as I so a kept woman, would be a means to understand this array Road” Yuehua Jian, but it is showing a touch of bitterness rock silent, this did not have much to say, a little pause, Chen Sheng said: “I go, you pay attention to some, not to be aware of strange people to” Yanba move directly into this battle formation, the next moment Emmanuel shimmering He already shadows disappear succeeded Chapter 115 [tomorrow on the 15th, what it says, began to recover thousands of words to update this on! 】 far not sent, or in the focal point of this human family, rock figure somewhere secluded appear directly in the roadway, about not being aware of view, this backhand remove a black robe to wear, walking hurriedly out line to go. did not show any accident, rock success came within a humble little courtyard, in accordance with the laws of a particular percussion courtyard, then close hand back. count rate, the courtyard “squeak” On his move directly into one line. a pale man in a wheelchair had been waiting in the courtyard, saw rock face showing a bit gentle smile. Although the cold cruel comprehension sector, but it is far clever than the secular world, one can find a remedy to cure the injury should heal, is very rare disability monks. It is still in a wheelchair man legs but can not walk, apparently by the very serious leg wound, unusual means impossible to treat. “Pang brother, I do not know what you ever want to be ready.” rock apparently very familiar with this person, did not have too much time opening courtesy, go straight away. wheelchair monk nodded, hands Emmanuel flashing, then there is a similar shell items appear in their hands, “Rock told my brother, little brother natural dedication, I’ve followed your orders basaltic While good design piercing array , sent at the selected location for you. ” “then if not rock my brother shot, I am afraid of it than destroy the legs up. saving grace, must keep in mind when, then I do not know whether there are days you goodbye, but please be careful all my brother.” took the rock, a little checking, then income in the storage ring, wheelchair monk nodded and said: “Pang brother have to be careful, do not take the wind exposed the matter, otherwise bound to give themselves provoke fatal disaster.” “Time is pressing, I will not stay long, goodbye.” After hand, rock walking hurriedly pushed the door away. until courtyard off the ban is on, look to the rock that wheelchair monks left direction, his face could not help showing a little color complex, and ultimately into the firm intended. “rock, when you save my life, all these years I have also helped you a lot, enough to pay off your kindness.” “If you can get the help of Lee, my legs must be restored, so this time, you do not blame me!” crooning fall, who took out a messenger YuJane, the number of interest after his backhand to throw fly. YuJane injection, under the flash, direct disappear. take full House. temperature Niang eyebrows frown slightly, slightly restless walk in the room, although as usual at this time no one will come to disturb, but in case of unexpected afraid that he’d sent their lives anyway, have a bad rock Big Brother program. worldly things is the case, the more things you want to avoid, often dating students. “ding, ding, ding.” hanger purple bell sounded again, but overwhelmed by the sound but not the same as before, the moment came to hear the tones, warm Niang Jiaoqu moment rigidity, showing the color of panic Qiao Lian, the woman was forcibly pressed next. This represents a ringing, someone is outside the room to soul invasion. Prostitutes generally pick up during the next room will cloth ban, though not brilliant, but enough damage when you receive a warning, reminding the room monks. Most focus on the monks face, frolicking in the bedroom though like to do things, but also do not want to be seen to. So knowing the temperature Niang is pick up, still in soul invasion, but the performance is extremely rude, or can be called provocation. For no reason, no one to do so naturally, born at the moment, obviously aware of the outside world to some strange monks. temperature Niang opening, “I do not know who God is outside kidding Nujia, pick this one already,. please next time you catch the early, Nujia Lord must serve comfortably.” voices unite to spread it out through the prohibition of silk, flirtatious lazy, tired of living that is joyous after the acting is very clever disguise. delicate purple bell micro Dayton, sound dissipates, apparently Athanasius had heard outside the room. “Ah, the uncle, I would have told you, and she has picked up Sanniang guests, you chose not to believe, now personally verified a lot, there should be no doubt of it.” “We’d go faster, Nujia you got another girl, as beautiful, as you choose.” pimps looked about 3o early appearance, plump figure, though the appearance is beautiful, but the smiles, revealing endless charm foes breath, apparently some kind of prosurgery practice. But at the moment in front of the face of this monk, but not much she means Zhefan role. border town sword frowned slightly, I do not know why today always felt something wrong in his mind, so will forward tentatively, but seems overwhelmed, but there is no strange place. Could it really is they want more practice “spiritual heart” supernatural, no slightest hurt the enemy defenses can be, but over the years the border town of penance is not decorated sword, because it is the only supernatural effect, the whole body of things that can blur induced changes, good fortune always efficacious . “No, today I am a heart sensor, it will never be groundless, the inevitable had an accident case!” fundus Hanmang flash, again through his soul out, overlapping waves rolling into the room penetration , mouth shouted: “San Niang beauty, today is the uncle to come straight to you, if you do not show up, the uncle will never give up.” “open the door, quickly open the door!” sword covered with the alcohol border town at the moment, looks like a drunk the drinkers in general, but when he knocked on the door, the peripheral sight but many subtle sweep, the concern here. Niang noodles warm white, in room ban after she shot Vaillant though not weak, but can not resist crossing the robbery late brother’s soul into, according to the so go on, I am afraid that the time will come in a few direct bearing collapse, when things trouble. round and round in her anxious but helpless on the occasion, embroidered bed matrix method shimmering, rock figure which appears directly. ,,, border town sword more strongly induced in mind, he has shot to break the ban, and that the rock is actually not the slightest reaction, the matter was wrong! “dare not open the door to the uncle, well, do what I do not back yourself!” this person said drink faint words, but it is a cold fundus color, language off without the slightest pause, a direct shot to the former palm shoot down. crossing the robbery late burst to repair, although not all, but enough to direct these portals broken boom. “Humph! there would not know the rules of the drunk, killed!” But in the moment, but it is suddenly a Lenghe came out, then the door opened, a fist mixed with roaring force, severely hit forward off. border town sword eyelids hop bitter hearts of a sudden, but wait for the moment he received the hand back, stuck his fist already bombers off the room. Boom! Quan Zhang collision, amazing burst of loud noise, fugitive underlying strength swept off, here a small courtyard directly instantly broken boom, dust stirred up the sky, making the surrounding monks have embarrassed retreat to escape. border town sword down his face suddenly pale, mouth emitting a Xuejian, smashing fly baizhang figure is life and life outside, under the blow has suffered light injuries. rock move out from the room, his eyes swept the surrounding ice, sneer, said: “I know you fellow here who want to kill countless reward in exchange for the next, but do not forget that moment in my human family gathering point within, or is not too outrageous. ” language directly turned and strode off to leave, leaving behind a congregation of monks secretly teeth, looking ashen. Fleet of Foot silent all the way, into the courtyard, opened the rock directly waved prohibition, in turn xiaochen eyes fell upon, said: “clouds fellow, please also applied under the means to completely shield here, in case I’ll wait been listening to the conversation. ” xiaochen did not ask directly waving own inner emptiness countless runes ban whistling cohesion, and instantly turned into a complete ban,. including enveloped the entire courtyard, “Well, there is this ban guard, I’ll wait for phase talk about the content of absolute security. ” Yanba shimmering eyes, look unto the rock, said: “Pan Dandao You so careful, but have completed the program.” Wang Hu, Kim Sang, blue autumn, Jiang Chen, nightbearing 5 people opt turned his head, face hidden with expectations of color. rock did not intentionally draw the line, direct smiled and nodded, and said:. “already at hand, this time out of sight of Lee, I’ll wait for the brothers carefully lowkey, get out should not be a problem.” Everyone heard opt mirth. “Haha, brother or rock attention clever, thinking outside we watched these guys get away to leave, but helpless look, my heart is a burst of happy!” Wang Hu smiled opening, is extremely relaxed. “Yes, yes, let’s go out when some of the best made massive, attracted enough attention, and then leave the front of their face, so that only the most perfect.” Gold is still Yuehua Jian grin on his face. “did just that.” rock squad members shouted laughter, only xiaochen rightly frowned, vaguely uneasy in mind, it seems things are going too smoothly some to Lee’s strength should not be the case. but at the moment everyone looked happy, he did not say these points, but in the hearts of pay more a little wary. “in order not to cause trouble Niang and Pang brother, three days later we walk, as usual these days we all secretly gave me keep a good spirit, the future of the future must not be too comfortable.” thoughtful little rock, slowly made Road. xiaochen no comments on this, Wang Hu, Kim Sang, who nodded gravely under. 3 time of day, an instant that too. Day 4 Oriental dawn, dawn Zhaxian, individual monks squatting outside the hospital suddenly found a very alarming situation, to be ready to rock squad members, all out, sent straight to square away. Okay, when a month fainthearted, and finally could not resist to action! mind anything in anger Dunshou monks, now have to act. That they want to read ferocious rock, Xiao Chen et al one, with other people in general, will be a messenger bayan YuJane throws himself is quickly followed up. rock squad had happened, the parties kill team of fashion for a time, simmering focal point of the entire human family. “Rock team has a movement.” “go and see, today said a fight would not be played, we have not shot qualifications fight, but now must go to watch should be no problem.” “Hey, rock, though strong squad, but face many strong teams beheaded, I am afraid it may not end well off. Who they are not opening the eyes offended Lee, come to such a fate is also to blame, blame someone else.” “Having said that, but definitely not light rock squad disgrace, especially those clouds, a forbidden territory early Heaven Road supernatural comparable monks, if really life and death fight, presumably burst Vaillant stronger, you want to be beheaded, I am afraid that a lot of life to fill ah. ” “why so many tubes, Gan matter with us, just go watch that is, if the opportunity enough, might even have the opportunity to fish in troubled waters.” “Yes, it is so.” Chapter 116 surging Murder between [code word and work, does not perfectly reconciled before the end of the book, consider temporarily stopped looking for work, secure in the finish. During this time, one should be a variety of foes is the fault of buns, deep Dishou, Baoquan salute, Hope Road generosity of you friends. Recovery update, for quick adjustment of status. Things work suspended. 】 the point of convergence, many monks fashion, simply to watch, incited, thinking fish in troubled waters, Morohito Face thoughts, attitudes Creepy, but it varies. within streets, monks crowded, such as overlapping waves in general, whistling convergence. rock squad, who, with Xiao Chen, the two headed rock, I opened by order of priority, the foes blankly ahead, people see through the slightest thought. kill squad has been assembled from many,. eyeing followed him, leaving the human race until the rock squad focal point is the killer when they soared. Liudong Bo hear men Huibing, could not help but slightly wrinkled brow, fingers tapping subconsciously seat, apparently the idea is rapidly tumbling hearts. After a moment Taishou, lightly: ” Hundred students, how do you see this thing.” Liubai Sheng remain respectful ends up, at the moment he heard salute, a slight hesitation, this opening, said: “This is the Lord’s invitation to fewer clouds refused, though haughty arrogance, but not without the minds of the generation, otherwise it will not There are today to repair. ” “As for the rock rock squad, who, it is always smart, insightful thoughts, as usual rationale, it is definitely not acting fishes so they show up now so blatantly, so highprofile, which I am afraid there will be tricky. ” Liudong Bo nodded, hand rubbed his eyebrows, this is also the place that confused mind. outside focal point has been planted prohibition means a lot, as long as the team left the rock which will be trapped. Could it be, what means that they can avoid this fragmentation Liudong Bo fundus instantly flashed a bit bright, and seems to have figured out something. the Court auction hall. “strange ah strange, wrong wrong ah,